About Edgar and Joe's

A Café with a Purpose

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About Our Café

A social purpose enterprise of Goodwill Industries, Edgar and Joe’s Café is a gathering space and food operation in London, Ontario.  There are two locations – one in the SoHo district – ‘south of Horton’, and the other at Innovation Works – a coworking space for social innovators – in Downtown London.
Edgar and Joe’s makes fresh and local food available, affordable and approachable with healthy choices from a wide variety of foods made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.


Our Purpose

Create Work

Through our partnership with the Goodwill Career Centre’s “Hands on Hospitality” program, our goal is to employ, train and apprentice people to ready them for the food and hospitality labour market, an industry that has high labour needs and challenges

Provide good, nutritious food

Provide people, particularly those who face barriers, access to good, nutritious food and knowledge to improve health and wellbeing

Reduce stigma

Provide a platform to dialogue, showcase success stories and learn/understand mental illness and social disadvantage with a view to breaking down stigma and eliminating attitudinal barriers

Foster Collaboration

Foster collaboration and community partnerships that embrace diversity, social justice and inclusion with an emphasis on health and wellbeing

Gather community

Serve as the main gathering, work break and event space for Goodwill staff, clients and customers and to welcome the neighbourhood and community to our facility

Strengthen Community

Contribute to the vitality of our neighbourhood (SOHO and Downtown London)