Who is Joe? - Previous Contests

Campaigns to highlight our social purpose

What’s in a name?

Our name presents a chance to tell two important stories.


Who’s Edgar?

Dr. Edgar J. Helms founded Goodwill in 1902, setting in motion a social agency founded on the premise of offering a ‘hand up’ instead of a ‘hand out’.  His initiative spawned a 100 plus year-old movement at the forefront of job creation and recycling.


Who’s Joe?

The ‘Who’s Joe?’ campaigns are delivered to highlight one of our very important social purposes.


“Who’s Joe?” Contest December 2017

The ‘Who’s Joe?’ contest in December focused on youth employment. One winner was selected to receive free coffee for a year.

1. Joe makes up almost 20 percent of the population of Canada.
2. Joe is almost 5x more likely to experience precarious/vulnerable employment than other workers.
3. The cost of education and training can make it difficult for Joe to learn skills to be competitive in the labour market.
4. Joe is 3.3x more likely to not be paid if they miss a day of work compared to other workers.
5. Joe is 3.6x more likely to NOT receive dental and medical benefits from employers than other workers.
6. In a digital economy, Joe is more likely to adopt new technologies.
7. Joe can access personal supports, resume building and job skills training at organizations like Goodwill Industries, Ontario Great Lakes and YOU.

Joe is a young person who is experiencing multiple barriers to employment.


“Who’s Joe?” Contest May 2017

The ‘Who’s Joe?’ contest appeared in May, coinciding with the grand opening of our new Cafe at Innovation Works. Two hints were given weekly, with the contest open at both of our locations. Two winners were selected, winning free coffee for a year.

1. Joe sees opportunities, not problems.
2. Joe is compelled by complex social issues.
3. Joe uses empathy to understand how barriers challenge people.
4. Joe values social justice, change, and collaborating in shared spaces.
5. Joe develops resources with the people who will use them.
6. Joe values innovative and out of the box thinking.
7. Joe takes personal responsibility to understand how power, privilege, and oppression negatively impact the inclusion of marginalized members within his community.
8. Joe believes in the value of a ‘hand up’ and the power of work

Dr. Edgar J. Helms, social innovator and founder of Goodwill and everyone who aspires as a social innovator to ensure all people live with dignity.


“Who’s Joe?” Contest 2016

A ‘Who’s Joe?’ contest started in January of 2016. Weekly hints were given in our Cafe and on Twitter to help reveal, ‘Who is Joe?’. Congratulations to Sonya Finlay (free coffee for a year) and Mark Conlen (free lunch for a year)!

1. Everyone is Joe or knows Joe.
2. Anyone can suddenly become Joe.
3. Joe depends on his/her mobile phone.
4. Joe works harder than most people.
5. Joe is more likely to be young or old, a newcomer, and/or facing mental health issues.
6. Joe faces barriers to transportation, childcare, and housing.
7. Some people are born Joe and remain Joe all of their life.
8. Joe depends on relationships as a resource and depends on a tight-knit group for survival.

Joe faces poverty and the indignity and social injustice that goes with it.

“Who’s Joe?” Contest 2014

At the grand opening of our Café, we launched our first “Who’s Joe?” contest. Weekly hints were given and hundreds of Londoners tried to guess ‘Who is Joe?’.

1. Everyone is or knows Joe.
2. Joe can be male, female or transgender.
3. Joe can be any age.
4. Knowing one ‘Joe’s’ experience does not mean you know the experience of all Joes’.
5. Joe is a victim of stigma and discrimination that serves to create barriers in society.
6. Joe’s make up 20% of the Canadian population, and everybody knows someone in that 20%.
7. Many Joe’s do not seek support, and support in the community is limited.
8. There are community resources available for Joe and people who know Joe – including CMHA, Mind Your Mind, support groups, and self-help groups.

‘Joe’ represents everyone whose life has been touched by mental illness, or who faces barriers, stigma or exclusion.